The Sabbath Transgressed for Food in the Last Days


From Genesis through Revelation, the enemy has used food appetite so as to tempt and weaken the human mind to get the humankind to disobey God. The enemy knows that the more we suffer from hunger, the more weakened we will be to remain obedient to God. It was the Dragon that showed the sparkling forbidden fruit to Eve, enticing her to eat it in disobedience to God (Gen. 3:1-6); it was the Dragon that enticed Jesus, starving from hunger in the wilderness, to use God’s power to turn a stone into bread for him to eat from it, in disobedience to God the Father (Matt. 4:1-3); it will be the Dragon still, in the last days, that will say “Bow down before me and worship me, and I will give you the riches of this world” (Luke 4:5-7).

The Sabbath and the Sunday Law (on the Need for Food)

  The Scriptures tell us to rest on the Seventh-day Sabbath as God rested at Creation, for only God is worthy of our worship (Exodus 20:8-11). Here is the Biblical record: “Fear God and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgment has come. And worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and the springs of water” (Rev. 14:7). Yet, with the Sunday Law, the enemy will say “Surrender all to me, for only by so doing will you have food in this world” (Rev. 13:16-17). Now, what are we to do brother? Do we have to disobey God so as to be able to make a living in this world? By no means! It is true that we have to work hard in order to be able to make a living in this world (Genesis 3:19)! However, it must not be done in disobedience to God. What will become of a man who wins the whole world yet lose his soul (Luke 9:25)

Promise to the Faithful


  The God that cursed the ground due to our sin, still said that we would still be able EAT of its fruit/grain despite the curse (Genesis 3:18). Yes, despite the difficulties, God still feeds his people, from the hands of the angels He fed the Prophet Elijah and Jesus Christ, even through the hardest times of life (2 Kings 19:1-9; Matt. 4:11; Mark 1:12-13). As in the example of Jesus, every servant of God has to eat only that which the Lord provides. Eating otherwise will be sin (Matt. 4:4). Yes, God told Adam and Eve the right food for them. Yet unfortunately, Eve went beyond “the food boundary” which God had established. They ate from that which the Lord had not provided, thereby disobeying God (Genesis 3:1-7). That is why Jesus understood this “tragedy of food”. He, starving from hunger, would not eat or satisfy his appetite unless it was from God! Daniel, too, understood that he was to eat only what the Lord provides for his people. Yes, Daniel along with his companions would not eat the Babylonian food (Daniel 1:8). In fact, you and I──GOD’S PEOPLE──must eat only that which, God provides for us!

  With the Sunday Law, “the cost of life” may be so high. Because of the Sabbath, “the Seventh-day Adventists” may starve from hunger just like their Master [Jesus] in the wilderness. But if we remain faithful to the point of death, He will feed us and save us from the second death (Luke 21:19; Matt. 24:13). What do you say brother? Will you be faithful onto death? Oh that we would have the faith of Jesus in our “Wilderness Sunday to come” and that we would learn to eat only that which the Lord provides for us, as in the example of Jesus Christ in the desert!


Don’t be afraid. Because He lives, we too shall live (see John 6:57).






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