Will We Go To Heaven?

Is Heaven for you?

Jesus Is Our Saviour

  Christ promised that He was going to prepare a heavenly place for His followers, and when everything is ready He would return to earth to get the believers/Christians to heaven (John 14:1-3). Make sure you don’t divide this Promise from among His followers, because whoever believes in Jesus Christ partakes of this Promise. Why? Because it is a Promise of life or death: be saved and go to heaven, or remain on the earth and perish! Let me make it clear: the cleansing of the earth is the destruction of the wicked (see Isaiah 24:1-3). Please answer me this! Where was Noah when the earth was cleansed? Was he on this earth? Of course not! Noah was put above the earth instead. Why? Because God would not cleanse the earth while Noah was in it, or else Noah would have been destroyed as well. So, in alike manner, God, for His love for us, will not cleanse this earth while we are in it otherwise we will be swept away. Instead, God will put us above the earth as illustrated in Ark of Noah, which was put above the earth. You need not misunderstand this Prophecy: The 144000, often talked about, is symbolic number pointing out the thousands and thousands of the Redeemed on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, so they go everywhere with the Lamb (please don’t distort the meaning of the Second Coming of Jesus, because He said that He would surely come again as in Matthew 24:30, 31, Revelation 1:7). The Apostle Peter, often quoted for misunderstanding, used the personal pronoun “WE are waiting…” as he was preaching this blessed Hope to other people, thereby including them in the Promise just as he was promised of going to heaven in John 14:1-3 (did you see him distinguishing the 2 Promises, saying you remain on earth but we, Apostles, are going to heaven? Of course not)! Most clearly, the Apostle John was shown a countless crowd of the Saved standing before the throne of God in heaven. Why in heaven? Because the throne of God is in heaven only (see Matthew 5:34). Now Revelation 21:1-3 speaks of a new heaven and new earth. Why new earth? Because this sinful earth has to be destroyed in cleansing, so that the new can descend from heaven for us to come down from heaven to live in it free from sin, death, pain and sorrow, that is, from all Evil! Do you understand? We are to be put above the earth as was Noah for the cleansing of the earth, and then we come down with the heavenly City to live it free from all Evil on the new earth!

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