How Terrible Is Sin?

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All of us on the face of Planet Earth wonder “What Is this Sin torturing each one of us? And how can we be free from this sin yielding to Death?” Thank God for His answers to this problem from His Word!

Here are two possible definitions of Sin listed below:

“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it” James 4:17

“Everyone who sins is breaking God’s Laws for all sin is contrary to the law of God”—1 John 3:4

As we have seen in the 1st verses above, under the definition of Sin, Sin is ‘knowing what you have to do and then no do it.’ And what is behind all sin? It is breaking God’s Commandments, because “Everyone who sins is breaking God’s Law for all sin is contrary to the law of God” (1 John 3:4).

The Result of Sin on Earth

  Every kind of disobedience to any law has its own consequences. In alike manner, breaking God’s law would have its own eternal consequences.
Sin is so terrible that none of us should embrace it. In fact, we should abhor all kinds of SIN, for all we suffer from is due to this Sin. So let us look at the book of Genesis, where we find the principal consequences of Sin to begin with.

death1. The wage of Sin is Death

Adam and Eve along with the whole humans were meant to live an Eternal Life but because of having disobeyed/rebelled against God, they became subject to death. Sickness and all kinds of suffering, we experience today, came into the world as a result of this very Sin (see Romans 5:12). In reality, all of us die because of that specific sin. Had Adam and Eve obeyed God above the voice of the Serpent (the Devil in the form of a serpent), the whole human race would live for ever (read Genesis 2:16, 17; 3:1-13).

2. Body Naked Form Exposed (Nakedness)

  When God created Adam and Eve, He clothed them with robes of light in their state of innocence, just as God Himself is clothed with Light (read Psalm 8:5-6; 104:1-2). And what happened when they sinned? The glorious robe of light with which they were covered left them to their full taste of nakedness (see Genesis 3:8-12). How much naked are we as Sin result today? Even when you look at the people’s dressing style, you notice how disgracefully they tend to expose their naked form to public view. Little do they realize this is Sin Problem!

clip_image002.jpg3. Adam and Eve Could no longer See God

  Interestingly enough, prior to Sin, Adam and Eve would welcome God into the Garden of Eden. Yet bound by sin, they could no longer welcome Him. Instead, they became subject to running away from Him. Before sin, they would behold the face of the Lord! When they sinned, however, they became separate from their Creator God. Oh just for hearing His footsteps, they sought to hide themselves from Him (see Genesis 3:8-10)! It was as if God was coming to torture them. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve had lost the Image of God in them. They could no longer stand in the presence of God, the Holy One! Many of us wonder why we don’t see our Creator God, sometimes turning to Atheism as the solution to this problem. Little do we realize that it’s because of sin that we cannot behold His glorious face (see Isaiah 59:2)!

4. Woman’s Birth pains Sharpened

God created a woman from Adam’s ribs so that she would be his own helper. And as God had blessed them, saying “Be fruitful and multiply,” Adam and Eve were to fill the earth through procreation (see Genesis 1:28). But in the course of time, because of sin, Eve would conceive and give birth to children in great pains as any woman experiences today. Oh how terrible is Sin then!

5. Hunger and Poverty into the World

When God formed the ground, it was so wonderful that it had no thorns and thistles. It could produce so well! Yet, because of the sin of Adam and Eve, the ground was also cursed. Now it grew thorns and thistles, it couldn’t produce as much as it did before. In fact, the life was going to become bitter for all humans. The cost of life would be so high. By the sweat of his brow was man or humankind going to have food to eat until his/her own death! How much do you experience this problem?

vlcsnap-2013-10-25-19h52m47s946. Banished from Their Eden Home

  As they sinned against the right command of God, in order to protect Adam and Eve from becoming immortal sinners, the Lord banished them from the Garden of Eden. They were so blessed in their Eden Home, but now they no longer have shelter to lay their heads in (see Genesis 3:22-24). How true this is to us homeless children today!

1_jesus_resurrection_christianThe Solution to Sin Problem

  Now they, like the Israelites, needed a mediator between them and God, who could reconcile them to God. And who was to reconcile them back to God? As in promise of Genesis 3:15, He who was One with God the Father from the beginning, had to be born from the woman (the seed of Eve) in order to redeem the whole human race lost in Sin. As matter of fact, when the right came, Jesus left heavens and became human, so that He would endure all the temptation and suffering of sin and finally die on the Calvary’s cross (see Isaiah 53:3-5). And now that He [Jesus] has already died in our place, it is up to us whether or not we accept His free Gift of Eternal Life and be forgiven of our sins (see John 3:16). Yes indeed, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, is the very Solution to all the sin’s problem listed above (Genesis 3:21; John 1:29). Are you suffering? The Lord wants to save you! Are you living well? The Lord has a wonderful plan for your life! Yes, the time is coming when “all the saved and dead in Christ” will live forever in that wonderful and perfect world to come when Jesus comes again to redeem us from this sinful and suffering world (read 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). Now with all the consequences of Sin, the bottom line is “Are you abiding in Christ? Or are you sinning again and again?” I hope you’ll turn to Christ and no longer sin against God’s Ten Commandments yielding to the Eternal Death!

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