Happy New Year with Healthy Eating

Happy New Year

Seeing this moment fleeting, I came to realize that I haven’t posted anything lately, neither did I pause here to wish you Merry Christmas as the world celebrated! Therefore, I thought it would be wise enough to take this moment to clarify something to my readers and my colleagues, meaning those investing their time in “blog posting” as well.
Through this post, I want to wish you joy and happiness on this 1st January 2016. May it really be a Happy New Year to you and your family!

Eat Healthy in this New Year

Though I cannot see what you’re experiencing on the other side, I assume that you’re enjoying this blessed time with meaningful things, such as Good & Healthy Food primarily that which the Lord blessed Adam and Eve with, right at the beginning of their lives just as much as it is, incidentally, a New Beginning for our lives today. Now with regards to the New Year as in a New Beginning whose inspiration we get from Adam and Eve, we need to ask ourselves this question: “What kind of food were they given in their new life, which we are also subject to in this new life we experiencing today?” Well, the answer is as simple as follows: they were given vegetable diet, which, according to Health Studies, still stands to be the healthiest diet. In other words, God knew what was best for them back then. In the same way, He,God, knows which is the best food for us. As matter of fact, if we apply the same food supply to ourselves today, we can grow healthier and healthier.

What about Animal Consumption?

Food Animal was only allowed after Noah’s world flood due to the inherent vegetable decay. However, not all animals were clean for them. Accurately enough, God made a distinction between clean and clean animals. As a result, only the clean animals were their flesh to be consumed by Humans. Read the Bible on which animals are clean for food  in the book of Leviticus 11 as well as  Deuteronomy chapter 14.

Yet, despite the Truth Disclosed in the Bible, people still tend to turn their blind eye to this reality. People don’t want to know what is right for food, they, instead, want to eat everything on the face of Planet Earth. Little do they realize that they are damaging their bodies with junk foods as in pork consumption!

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