Jesus Is Coming Tomorrow


In this violent and turbulent world, at times we all cry for the suffering, death and all kinds of evil, which we experience here. Even aside Bible studies, we often understand that we are living in a cursed ground right from the time of Adam and Eve down to own days (Genesis 3:17). Hopefully, amid these problems of sin, what a great Joy we have in Jesus, who faithfully promises to purge all evil from our midst.
Most of the Christians, who believe in the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus, are so eager to know when the Lord is coming again, so that they can be rescued from the suffering ─ the evil ─ of this world. By the way, if you are skeptical of His 2nd coming to this earth, you’d better change your views now, for Jesus is definitely coming again.

Although none of us know when the Lord is coming, I assure you that He is certainly coming tomorrow. Well, you might wonder what I mean by “Tomorrow”. Basically, by the use of this adverb of time, i.e. tomorrow, I’m referring to the Near Future, which is relatively unknown to us but so promising.

So Then When Is He Coming?

Though Jesus did not tell us the day and the hour of His Second Coming (read Mark 13:32, 33), He made it certain that He will come again (read Matthew 24; Mark 13:34-37). While on earth, Jesus taught that He would come so visibly that everyone would see Him (read Matthew 24:30, 31; Mark 13:26, 27; Luke 21:27). As matter of fact, even those, who contemptuously killed Him, will see Him coming down with the clouds of heaven (read Revelation 1:7).

What Should We Do Then?

The bottom line, therefore, is that everyone who hopes in His Second Coming ought to prepare himself/herself, so that the day won’t catch them unawares. If you read the book of Matthew 25, you definitely find the preparation of His people awaiting His Coming, or else they would be caught in slumber, which would automatically result in spiritual death, that is eternal damnation. The book of Matthew chapter 25 presents us 10 virgins, which are symbol of God’s Church in the End-Times . They all knew of the Coming of their Lord. So, they both worked at their preparation. These virgins were divided into two groups. Surprisingly enough, they both had something  in common. They held their lamps filled with oil, which symbolized the word of God as in lamp (Psalm 119:105) and the Holy Spirit as in anointing the saint with oil for consecration for the Lord. There was something, however, which differed them. Five of them were wise. On the other hand, the other five virgins were foolish. Now, you might wonder why the five were wise while the other five virgins were foolish. Well, briefly, what happened is that while they both professed the Truth Disclosed in their lamps ─ the Bible ─ they experienced different preparations. In other words, they approached this Truth so differently from each other. While the wise dedicated themselves to studying their Bible in depth, the foolish, however, lost their zeal for the Second Coming of the Lord. Instead, they assumed that the Lord’s Return would be delayed. That is why the Bible says that they ran out of oil in their lamps, which means that their anointing consecration for the Lord, symbolized in the running out of oil, was reduced to nothingness.

Overall, the story of the Ten Virgins seems to be merely a story of the past. Yet, this story is in the context of the End-Times prophecy, which will definitely be fulfilled either in my life or in your life.

What are you waiting for? Be prepared, so that you can be found solely as in the five wise virgins!


About Lionel Djito

He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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  1. HisAmazinglivingWord says:

    Indeed the message is up lifting. Most of us like the foolish virgins, our oil (Holy Spirit) has departed from us. The key issue here is to pray without ceasing (1 thess 5:17) for the Lord to give us the holy spirit. He is faithful and just to fulfil His promises. He asks us to ask for anything and He will give us (Luke 11). Let us pray for the holy spirit as we wait for the second time.

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