God once came to Earth

God onto the Earth

You’ve heard that God is the Creator of the universe. Yet, none of us have ever seen God due to sin. However, I myself affirm that God once came to this world. The problem is that the world did not recognize Him as the true God due to His merely human appearance. Is it hard to understand? Well, to understand what I mean, you need to remember the time of Moses, when God wanted to visit the Israelites. He ordered that Moses should summon the congregation, so that He would meet with them in person (read Exodus 19:14-19). Yet, unfortunately, when God came to them with great thunders and lightning, the whole congregation was terrified and stood far off (Exodus 20:18-19). So, God withdrew His presence from them. Instead, He just let Moses to climb the mountain so as to talk with Him. And the Lord decided that He should meet with them in another way, which would conform to their real nature. Basically, God promised to send them a prophet, through whom He would become like them in order to fearlessly meet with them (read Deuteronomy 18:15-16). So, He, who was God from the beginning, had to become as human as they so as to meet with them. Thus, here we get to the person of Jesus Christ, who was God in human form ─the Everlasting God─ whom, unfortunately, the world rejected and killed, for it knew Him not because of its contempt against Him (read Isaiah 8:6; Deuteronomy 18:17-19; John 1:10-13). So, as John states it, Jesus had to become human to meet with humans (John 1:1-14). As matter of fact, when the Lord Jesus rose from the dead, as He met with Thomas─the doubting Apostle─he [Thomas] called Him “his God in human form” (read John 20:28). What’s more, Jesus added that whoever sees Him, sees God the Father (read John 14:9), because though human, He was God in person (read Philippians 2:6).

God will come again for you and me

As I wrote a couple of days ago, Jesus─our God incarnate─has assured that He’ll come again for our final restoration (Matthew 24:30, 31). Are you oppressed by this evil world? Then, you’d learn to hope in Jesus Christ, who is preparing a wonderful place for you. Are you happy in this world? Then, you’d know that the world, with everything in it, will pass away. You’d, then, hope in Jesus Christ our God, who promises to grant us the eternal life in a better place after the destruction of this very world.

Be prepared for, sure enough, Jesus will come again!


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He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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