Why Can’t We Marry Gentile Women?


If you’re considering getting married, then it’s a high time to think of the kind of woman that you should be married to. Advisedly, you should be married to a woman who would not ruin your life. Preferably, it would be a woman of your type, with whom you can freely share your life without experiencing much contrast. As a Christian, you need to know whether your future Eve, or wife, will be contributing to the growth of your spiritual life or she will be your downfall. Choosing your future wife is practically choosing where you’ll spend the Eternity, for she’ll be a great influence throughout your life. Before I go any further, I want to share with you some stories of Bible characters whose wives spiritually contributed to their downfall.

Adam and Eve at the Beginning of Life


Food laws of God

If you’ve read the story of Adam and Eve, you understand the problem Adam faced owing to the choice of his wife. Implicitly, God had warned them of the coming of an adversary into the garden of Eden. This adversary was coming to tempt them into eating the forbidden fruit. As a matter of fact, Satan came to them in the form of a serpent and  enticed Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. For a while, Eve tried to refuse to obey Satan, but, as he showed her the fascinating, forbidden fruit, she ended up surrendering to him due to her bad eye. In turn, she went and persuaded Adam to eat it as well. Unfortunately, as his great influence, Adam couldn’t reject Eve’s terrible offer owing to his love for her (read Genesis 3). Did you get the gist? Undoubtedly, Eve was the cause of Adam’s downfall.

Job and his wife

Amid his suffering, Job was tempted to insult the Lord and die due to the lack of an immediate relief from Him. Fortunately, Job rebuked his wife and went on serving the Lord until He brought him relief and his blessings again (see Job 2:8-10. For the whole story read Chapter 3 through 42).

Samson and Delilah

Reading the story of Samson, you learn of a very strong man of God named Samson. He was primarily raised to rescue God’s people from their oppressors, the Philistines. But Judges 16:4 says that Samson fell in love with a Philistine woman named Delilah. So, seeing their opportunity, the rulers of the Philistines enticed her to ask Samson what made him so strong that no man could defeat him. As they enticed Delilah, promising to pay her for this service, she agreed to it. So, she asked him whatever gave him this power. Yet, on a number of occasions, he just told her lies. so, nobody could capture him as yet. So “she tormented him with her nagging day after day until he was sick to death of it.” Judges 16:16. Finally, he decided to share the long-awaited secret with her: were his hair cut, he would be so absolutely powerless that anyone could capture him! (see verse 17). And as she had his long hair cut overnight, his strength left him and he could then be captured. You see, she was his very downfall (see verses 18-21). Thank God that He came to his rescue again (as his hair began to grow back)!

Choose Right, Marry Right!

There are many other examples within/out the scriptures that would take me a while to list here, but, briefly, I’d rather tell you this: If you want to marry, then choose right and you’ll definitely marry right! Choose prayerfully in the church, and, as soon as the Lord gives you the right partner, there you go…

Happy Marriage!


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  1. There are many men who marry for beauty. They could be leaders in the church, but they will may women that are not saved. They belive they can save her. They prefer to search for beauty

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