Who Is a Sinner?

Jesus Is Our Saviour

Jesus is the way, only He saves!

You’ve heard that every person, on Planet earth, is a sinner. Yet, before I look at that, my concern is to define what a sinner is. Thus, as we look back at the book of Genesis, we find Adam and Eve, being commanded to live in accordance with a food law, which was established by God to test their loyalty to Him (Genesis 2:15-17; 3:2-3). Sadly, they failed to live up to that law, which is a summary of the Ten Commandments, in principle (Genesis 3:6). Actually, they broke God’s law, thereby becoming sinners, for “everyone who sins is breaking God’s law, for all sin is contrary to the law of God” 1 John 3:4 NLT. On top of that, as descendants of Adam and Eve, we all became sinners, thereby landing in the same curses as theirs:

  • As Death was pronounced upon them then (see Genesis 2:17), we all die now (see Romans 5:12);
  • Hostility was assured to take place between humanity and the serpent, a symbol of the devil. As a matter of fact, we are forever hostile upon each other (see Genesis 3:15).
  • Birth pains were pronounced upon the woman. As a matter of fact, we all see this happening on daily basis (Genesis 3:17).
  • Suffering, poverty and trouble were pronounced upon man/mankind through his lifetime (see Genesis 3:17-19).

Thankfully, despite all these troubles aforementioned, God gives us hope today. Death, suffering and all kinds of evil will not have the last word in this world. This is the hope: when Adam and Eve sinned, thereby seeking to hide themselves from the Lord among the trees, God mercifully came to look for them. He then called to the lost Adam, “Where are you?” Incidentally, every wrongdoer usually hides oneself from the judge. So did Adam then. Upon hearing the voice of the Lord, though terrified, however, he came out. He was then filled with the hope that the devil would be destroyed as depicted in the hostility pronounced in Genesis 3:15, which is from no other than Jesus Christ.

We Are to Live as Sinners?

Now that Jesus has saved us from sin by defeating the devil on Calvary cross, are we to live sinfully as did Adam and Eve? Of course not! Yet, it’s so sad that the majority of Christians overlook this problem of sin. Instead, they uphold this false teaching that once saved, you’re forever saved. So, they say that there’s no more law upon which to base our lives; they say that we are free to live the way each one of us feels like and that God no longer sets boundaries in our lives; they teach that there’s no problem breaking both the Ten Commandments and the food law; they teach that what matters is feeling Jesus in your life. Could this be correct in the light of the Scriptures? Of course not! Actually, these people are just led by emotions, not the Bible Truth. As far as the Bible is concerned, the Law is not abrogated at all. Upon the law, Jesus urged us not misunderstand his coming. He then said “I did not come to abolish the law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No, I came to accomplish their purposes. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not even the smallest details of God’s law will disappear until its purpose is achieved” Matthew 5:17-18 NLT. So, you see, the Law is still and will ever be valid till heaven and earth disappear on the Judgment Day. Then, are you hiding in sin like Adam and Eve? If so, God calls to you too. Please, come out and be saved from breaking God’s law, otherwise you will be judged (see James 2:10-12). Be saved and live in obedience to His eternal Law.

Overall, just as Adam and Eve were sinners, we can also fall into sin if we are careless about God’s Commandments. Though we are saved by grace, we mustn’t, then, misuse this gift by trampling down the Law. More evidently, Jesus does not save us from sin, so that we can go on sinning again. Do you remember the story of the woman caught in adultery? Because the wage of sin is death, she was supposed to die (see John 8:4, 5). Yet, amid the judgment, Jesus gracefully spared her from being stoned to death. He then warned her “…Go and sin no more” John 8:11 NLT. You see, we are only saved, so that we can go and sin no more. Then how are we to live? By obedience to God’s Commandments should we live! This is the life of the saved.

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