Our Way to Heaven  


Though we are citizens of this Planet Earth, we have the promise of going to heaven someday. That said, some people believe we have our way to heaven at death. Others, however, refute that belief, thereby teaching that there is no life after death, which makes heaven impossible to go to at death. Biblically, the former is inaccurate, for Job teaches that the dead cannot go to heaven (see Job 14:10-12). Hence, only the latter is accurate in the light of Scriptures. In fact, the dead cannot go to heaven, unless they are raised from the dead. Actually, we see this reality in the life of Christ: while dead, He could not ascend to heaven. For this reason, first He had to be risen from the dead in the pure, nondecaying physical body, so that He could then go to the Father in Heaven. Similarly, we’ll have to follow the example of Jesus Christ—our way to heaven—for us to get to the same heaven. One thing is certain: since the dead are in the graves—Christ couldn’t ascend to heaven at death—none of us can then go to heaven while dead. It takes the transformed, ressurected living beings to go to heaven. Therefore, no matter what you’ve been taught before with regards to this matter, the truth is that you really have to discard that teaching of “the dead going to heaven” and hold on to this biblical teaching that “only the ressurected beings can ascend to heaven. In addition, the living who have never exeperienced death at any time, once transformed at the Second Coming of Christ, will go to heaven (see 1 Thessalonians 4:14-18).

Now the bottom line is that, once you’re saved from sin, you ought to be living the pure life, for which Christ came to die for you to have. This life of the saved is lived in obedience to the Ten Commandments Law. So, make sure you’re found living this holy and perfect life at Christ’s return.

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He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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  1. HisAmazinglivingWord says:

    Amen to this brother. You have speaked the veracity of the whole matter. Indeed if the dead go to heaven when they die, then Christ would have done so on that fateful Friday.

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