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Why Is Life So Difficult?

  Most of us are unaware of the main cause of the difficulties of life. Thankfully, the Bible has the answer to that question. If you take your Bible and open the book of Genesis, you’ll certainly find a perfect … Continue reading

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Is There Hell?

Here’s the Truth About Hell! Is There Hell going on right now? Continue reading

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Decomposed Bodies Resurrected

Due to so many deaths today, you’re anxious about your fate. You wonder how you can live forever. Like Adam and Eve who were afflicted by death, we do long for the answer to the Death. Fortunately, our loving Creator … Continue reading

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I Wish You a Happy Sabbath

Biblically, a day starts from sunset through sunset (see Genesis 1:5). So, depending on your time zone, Saturday is having its way onto us now. I mean, as the sun is setting, Saturday‒the following day‒is starting now. Then, I wish … Continue reading

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