I Wish You a Happy Sabbath

img-20150717-wa017.jpgBiblically, a day starts from sunset through sunset (see Genesis 1:5). So, depending on your time zone, Saturday is having its way onto us now. I mean, as the sun is setting, Saturday‒the following day‒is starting now. Then, I wish you a Happy Sabbath. Perhaps, with so many arguments over the validity of the Sabbath Commandment, you may wonder about the meaning of the Sabbath day in the Christian life. Thankfully, Luke 4:16 conveys the relevance of Sabbath keeping through the life of Christ, our example. It says “As His custom was, He went into Synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to read” Most clearly, as a keeper of God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, Christ deemed it relevant to rest on the Sabbath day in the synagogue with God’s people. He didn’t merely rest at home or at His work. Instead, He went to a congregation to read and teach the Scriptures. That’s how He kept the holy Sabbath day‒that is Saturday. Now, as people who emulate Christ, we should not do otherwise. May we then keep the Sabbath day holy as we should!

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He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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