Decomposed Bodies Resurrected

The Dead Will Be ResurrectedDue to so many deaths today, you’re anxious about your fate. You wonder how you can live forever. Like Adam and Eve who were afflicted by death, we do long for the answer to the Death. Fortunately, our loving Creator God promises us that the dead will be resurrected. But you wonder how this can be possible for the decaying and cremated bodies to be resurrected (Well, you’ll definitely understand how this is possible).  Similarly, the Apostle Paul was also asked about these questions. And he answered them by comparing our bodies to seeds, which are relatively small. But on sowing them, they later become big bodies of plants. Then, he affirmed that this was how our decaying bodies would be resurrected. Basically, like the decaying seeds whose shapes are transformed in the ground, our decaying bodies will be given a new shape at Resurrection by our miraculous God. Actually, when a seed is sown, it decomposes. Doesn’t it? So, just as Paul said (see 1 Corinthians 15: 35-38, 42-49), the decomposing bodies will be given a new immortal shape as they “germinate” from their graves. One example to consider about the might of God is the way Adam was made: God simply took mud, dirt, dust or whatever part of the Earth it was. And then, He made a nonliving body out of it, and then He breathed the breath of life into it. So, it became a living human being. Please note that God seems to have brought Adam into existence out of nowhere. And who can tell whether this miraculous God will do the same thing so as to raise the dead? Anyway, it takes faith to believe the promise of God.

Have you heard that Jesus will come again to this Earth? That’s when He will fulfill these things.

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