Jesus Can Calm Your Storm

Question oneself

What’s your storm?

What’s your storm today? What is it that makes you panic? As humans, we all have our own storms. Today, I’m going to look at Jesus as our relief and answer to every problem of this world. And this study is centered upon Luke 8:22-25, where I’ve got the inspiration for this message. So, as you read the verses above, you find Jesus and His disciples sailing to the other side of the lake so as to preach. What do you see then? Are the disciples prospering? Do they encounter some difficulties along the voyage? Yes, though great sailors, they are faced with a great storm by which they get overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Jesus was having a nap in the same boat. Oh what a sad, true story! How do you respond to this? You wonder: “How come the disciples are faced with a storm while Jesus is in the same boat? How can that happen? Isn’t Jesus the Savior” Well, He is the almighty Savior. Yet, unlike many Church pastors today, Jesus has never promised that believing in Him you will never face difficulties in your life. You really need to get rid of this false teaching that “believing in God you are problem free”, for God has never promised that! Instead, He has plainly told us that in this world we’ll face trials and sorrows (see John 16:33). But, He is the right Savior. Even the word “Savoir” means who saves a person from danger‒not placing the impossibility of danger. One thing is sure: since sin entered our world, we will constantly be faced with evil. Like the boat in the stormy lake, God’s people will inevitably have to go through trials and tribulation in this stormy world. However, God will always intervene to save us from “drowning”. Hadn’t Jesus intervened to calm the storm, they would have drowned. After calming the storm, the disciples asked themselves “Who is this man? …even the wind and waves obey him!” Little did they realize that it was God in human form intervening in their troubles to save them! Again, what’s your storm today? No matter what kind of storm it is, cry out to God in prayer, for only He can save you from it. Notwithstanding God’s power to save us today, Jesus’ storm calming is a little preview of God’s ultimate termination of evil in this world, so that we can then live free from all the evil.

Isn’t that a wonderful promise?

Now what do you say?


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  1. shandraeats says:

    My storm is the trials of this world


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