Jesus Is Our Ultimate Transfiguration

img-20151021-wa064.jpgWould you like to shine like the stars? Did you know that our parents, Adam and Eve, were naturally transfigured from birth? Yes indeed, when they were made, their bodies were glorious. Of course, this was before sinning. Yet when they sinned, God’s glory left them. Consequently, they saw their nakedness, thereby needing artificial garments just like we do now. Are you surprised at this? The problem is that we’re no longer living this reality. So, you’re surprised as you read this. Interestingly enough, when Jesus took the three disciples with Him onto the mountain, as they later saw His face shining like the sun, Peter felt like the mountain was “heaven on earth” (see Luke 9:28-36). They had never seen this reality in their lives before. Now imagine this: since they, kind of, saw the mountain like Heaven, how much more beautiful must the real Heaven be! Hopefully, when sin is more, we’ll certainly recover our original condition. Like Jesus on the mountain of transfiguration, we will definitely shine like the stars (see Daniel 12:3). Believe me; when Jesus comes again, then He’ll ultimately transfigure you in glory. The bottom line is you should eagerly await His blessed Second Coming. Meanwhile, do the work He’s commissioned you to do. Please note that only the saved that lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars (see Daniel 12:2, 3).


About Lionel Djito

He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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