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Yesterday, my friends and I started a Bible study.  We started with a very interesting story of the prodigal son (read Luke 15:11-24). I invite you to read this story. It’s a timely lesson about the love of God for the humanity as depicted in the love of the father for his lost son. You see, as you read this story, your views about God are definitely changed: unfortunately, our loving Creator has been misrepresented by church’s traditional beliefs. He’s been viewed as an unloving, unforgiving and wrathful God towards the sinner. How differently represented is God’s love in this story! Though the son had willingly chosen to turn his back on the father and go lose his precious life, when he, amid suffering, realized that was lost from his own origin and needed to go back to his father, the father welcomed him warmly. Have you lost yourself from God like the prodigal son? On top of the distress, the prodigal son had humbled himself to the point of being a servant. He did no longer care about his former privileges. All he wanted was to be accepted back to his father’s home, even as a mere servant. Surprisingly, God, however, accepted him with a feast and made sure he gained his privileges back. What a wonderful lesson about God! Don’t ever think that God is mad at you when you MISTAKENLY drift away from Him. He loves us so much that He never wants us to perish but to have the eternal life. Can I sing this hymn with you: “Lord, I’m Coming Home”? You’ve hurt yourself enough, please come back home. Like the prodigal son, God is eagerly awaiting your return to save you from sin.

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