Two Choices of Life

As I get into my penmanship, I wonder about two complex choices of life. So, I’ll be asking you some questions about this matter. In your life, how many complex choices have you dealt with? Choices about two jobs you had to pick? Choices about whom you should marry? Were the boys or girls all good that you had a problem choosing the ideal? What kind of choices have you been faced with? Or are you faced with today? Are they choices of Life and Death? Well, most certainly, you have either gone through or are going through those ones. Of course, we all encounter any of those in this life. While they are all considerably complex, there are two primary choices which entail the aforementioned. Yes, these ones are our major focus today—after all, they are the underlying causes of other choices.

Way back in the Garden of Eden, the happy and perfect couple—Adam and Eve—had no problem choosing things. Their perfect life enabled them to make better decisions as to choices. Thankfully, as perfect beings, they had God by their side to guide them into all choices. Remarkably, God—the perfect choice—had chosen them as His children just as much as He, through Christ, has chosen us. So, there was nothing inherently wrong with their ‘obedience choices’ till then.

Unfortunately, a warning trumpet was, implicitly, blown that the enemy was approaching. Typically, they had to be clothed with the solution to the rising problem of life’s choices. Time had come for them to experience the cost of life: two choices of life which would later define their life and ours, as their descendants. Had they chosen right, all the secondary complex choices of life would not stress us out. Had they deemed God to have been the best choice in their life, they would have maintained their loyalty to Him, by choosing as instructed in perfection. Yes indeed, our loving Creator had guided them to make a better choice so as to triumph over the enemy’s snares. The test of love was as simple as this: eat only what I have provided for you; don’t reach out to the forbidden fruit, or else you’ll die (see Genesis 2:16). This test is seemingly the simplest of all. How much do we fail at this! Sadly, we are so greedy that we want to eat even what hasn’t been given to us—“the forbidden fruit!” Little do we realize it may have eternal consequences in our lives! How much have your kids disobeyed you for their greed? Like Adam and Eve, they reach out and eat the food, which, presumably, has been forbidden. How much do we act likewise! Like the forbidden fruit, the food may not be poisonous, but the disobedience is punishable.

Though the sinful choice of Adam and Eve is often overlooked, it has brought about two terrible choices of life: They had to make up their minds whether to obey God or Satan (see Matthew 6:24).  Upon choosing to disobey God’s law, they were practically choosing Evil over Good. And given that the Creator has eternal life for the humanity, they were then rejecting Life by rejecting Him, and choosing death by choosing Satan—the murderer from the beginning (see John 3:16; 8:44-45). Consequently, though we have those minor complex choices, our life’s been merely reduced to either choosing to do good in Jesus Christ—our eternal life—or evil in Satan—leading us to eternal death. What is your choice then? Are you going to obey God, have His pardon and eternal life? Or are you going to obey Satan, have his sins and perish eternally on the Judgment Day?


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He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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