The Benefit of Believing in Jesus  


How dare you say whether you believe in Jesus is all the same?

Don’t you know that sin makes you lame?

How can you reach the blessed life without aim?

That’s why you are clueless to the problem of life

For you reject Jesus, the right saving life

Now tell me, who is it that can lay his life for you?

There is nobody other than Jesus that can pay the ransom for you.

He takes the eternal death you deserve and dies in your place

He has risen, so that He could go and prepare you a place

When the time comes, with him you will live and thus see his face

No longer will death hold you a slave!

For He will have, then, calmed your storm wave

Please believe in Him

May this poem be your hymn!


About Lionel Djito

He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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