Watched as You Fall into Sin

It’s so funny how you are watched fall into sin. Reading the first chapter of the book of Job in the Bible, you get stunned at the scenes presented there. Thus, you’re introduced to a new reality check about your long unfathomable life on Earth. Yes, so many things happen that you don’t grasp in here. You and I must have been wondering about our lives enshrouded in mystery. As matter of fact, I had no idea how my life was viewed on the other side; I always thought I was in charge of my life. It wasn’t until I read the book of Job that I knew the things behind our lives. Unless you have read this book, you are entirely unaware of the mystery of this world. And the danger is you’re more likely to again and again mess up your short days in the world. Of course, you will neither know your origin nor your destiny.

Upon opening the book of Job, you get a quick overview of the wonderful life of Job; you are amazed at his righteous life. What a blessed life he had! Moving on, you get to the heavenly scenes. As in a movie, God is depicted as assembling the heavenly beings. Suddenly, an intruder goes in and God wonders where he came from. The earthly intruding enemy challenges the Lord to let him tempt the righteous Job, hoping to defeat him as he once defeated Adam and Eve. God trusted Job so much that He let him be tested. And He trusts you too in such a way that, if necessary, He can let you go through temptation. In doing this, the Lord hopes that you will be victorious over the evil; it pleases Him that we should be overcomers. Thus, He let the enemy tempt Job. Initially, the devil was allowed to do away with Job’s belongings and kill his children. As a result, he had one calamity after another until he lost all he had. He bemoaned all his losses and was in despair. Yet, he maintained his loyalty to God despite all his losses; he did not blame God for any evil. Now put yourself in the position of Job. How would you have acted then? Would you have acted otherwise? Later, this calamity passed, but the devil, amid the unchanging character of Job, was granted to do even more harm. An even worse calamity was coming his way. The enemy had thus challenged the Lord to afflict Job with some ailment, hoping he would forsake God on account of the agony. Though he was tortured, urged by his own wife to forsake God and die, Job remained loyal to God. Again, he did not compromise nor blame God for the affliction. Instead, he just acknowledged the sad reality of life, saying “I came naked from my mother’s womb, and I will be naked when I leave. The Lord gave me what I had, and the Lord has taken it away. Praise the name of the Lord!”Job 1:21 NLT. How true is this! No matter how powerful we grow up to be, when death knocks our door, none of our belongings will go with us; the blessing God can also take away His blessings. Yet, I assume too many people do not know this: when they become powerful, they do not want to look back at their origin, perceive their looming fate and then realize how useless life can be unless put in the hands of the Lord. How blessed was Job! Though grown to be powerful, he always knew this truth in his heart.

It’s stunning to see the enemy talking about the world as though he’s been watching our lives here. Of course, the enemy has been going to and fro seeking whom to devour (see 1 Peter 5:8). On the other hand, the Lord too watches the world; He does so, I believe, to see who follows him and who does not. Conversely, our lives are closely watched in this battlefield; while God seeks to save us, the devil wants to ensure we turn away from God and die.

As I mentioned earlier, God trusted Job—as much as He trusts you—to successfully go through temptation. More important, God loves us and never wishes any harm upon us. For this reason, God does not tempt us; what He does, because it’s inevitable, is let the enemy tempt us (remember that’s the job of the enemy, he always wants us to fall). While the enemy tempts us, God strengthens us to overcome the evil; all it takes is “prayerful willingness” to defeat the enemy. Thankfully, the wise Job understood it and thus defeated the enemy throughout the tests. Like Job, will you understand this and defeat the enemy?


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