Lucifer-like Christians Have Now Become Satan

Lucifer, before landing into trouble, was supremely accepted by God. According to the Bible, he was in a higher position than other angels in heaven; he was the admired chief of the angels; he was trusted with the plans of the sovereign God; he communicated them to the other angels.  Sadly, he later held conceit upon himself and tried to usurp God’s authority, hoping to become the god of the universe. Though he was offered a chance to repent and to return to God, he adamantly denied his submission to the Almighty. Given his repudiating, God could but cast him out of heaven with his attending angels. You might wonder why God did not destroy Lucifer right away. Well, just imagine the impact it would have had on the other angels, had God destroyed him! Of course, the angels would see God as a tyrant who, once opposed, would offer no mercy but destruction upon the law breaker. They would, then, serve Him for fear of being utterly destroyed. So, God let the rebel with his angels live but away from heaven.

Yet, once God created the Planet Earth, Satan—who once was Lucifer—saw his opportunity of carrying on with his plans to frustrate the Creator. For this reason, though Adam and Eve were warned of the enemy as in the forbidden fruit, Satan, incarnated in the snake, saw to it that they joined him in his rebellion. As a result, we are now more of Satan than of God, inclined to doing evil but good.

As a human being living in this sinful world, it is a great honor for me to be accepted back by God. You once were lost away from God; through Christ you’ve found your way to God. You and I are very happy that we are now made right with God through Christ. But there is a looming danger ahead of us: the more we discover Bible truths, the more likely we will cling to conceit. How many Christians do you know that are boastful to know God’s word but don’t obey it? Because of conceit, we are turning into Satan, the adversary of God—who was once a good angel, but is now doomed to eternal death—awaiting the eternal damnation.

Humility Is the Key

Given the looming danger, what is it you should do to climb out of the hole? We all need to be thankful to God for His mercy today, because none of us deserves life at all. He, however, extends His mercy to us all. So, now that you found His mercy, why should you boast about your righteousness? Why say, “I am holier than you” when you are as filthy as anyone else? (See Isaiah 65:5). It is conceivably true that we have different calls: some are called to be pastors; others are mere members of the church. This, however, does not separate you, in rank, from others. You are equally important to God. You all have been called to proclaim God’s word and to bring many to the Savior Christ. Both pastors and church members are called to call people from the hands of the perishing enemy, before he perishes with the innocent. So, instead of calling them out, why do you yourself join the enemy in perishing with the humanity? Regardless of being a pastor, you are God’s creature like anyone else. So why are you conceited due to your position? And why do you, church member, boast of knowing a particular verse? Why can’t you stop fooling around,  and proclaim God’s word to those in the dark into the light, Jesus Christ?

It’s always good to prune the tree. Am I holding the whip? No. But for God’s mercy should you weep!

About Lionel Djito

He is interested in publishing articles on proclaiming the Three Angels' Message of the near Second Advent of the Lord Jesus, thereby correcting the man-made and evil doctrines widespread in the church all over the world. These are the format articles on proclamation: docs, pdf, audio and video sermons.
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