Lessons from Quarantine and Solutions to Depression over Coronavirus

You are not alone in this quarantine; God is with you!

Though humans are social beings, they are also individuals. This means that there are times when you must gather together yet there are other times when you need to separate yourself from the crowds.

When you were born, you came into the world alone and will someday leave the world alone again.

So, as far as birth and death realities are concerned, it shouldn’t hurt staying alone now during this quarantine, which may even cause depression over coronavirus.

Furthermore, there is one man called Job that went through a similar situation: a time of separation from his family and the people in general. The only difference is this: it wasn’t Job who deserted these people; it was the people themselves who deserted him. It wasn’t because of coronavirus that the separation took place then; it was because of a disease as dangerous as coronavirus that people stayed away from Job.

Uniqueness in Social Distancing during Depression and Coronavirus

What is unique about this pandemic is that people no longer trust one another with their health. That is, there is nothing guaranteeing that I won’t catch coronavirus if I hang out with you; there is no sign that a person hasn’t yet been infected by this virus. For this reason, you need to overcome depression over coronavirus and stay alone if that means preserving life.

People Socializing Trying to Reduce Depression over Coronavirus

Solution to depression over coronavirus

In the light of your individuality as felt at birth and death, it must be clear that you were not made only to live in groups, for you will inevitably find yourself alone sometimes in this sinful world. So, fear not the depression over coronavirus but practice social distancing to save your life and that of others!

Don’t misunderstand. We do need to go to church. That’s where we learn about Christ and influence each other to follow God’s ways. Yes, alone you cannot succeed. But your loneliness is at times inevitable in this world as it is now. 

God treasures your individuality. This is true when you think about the salvation of Jesus Christ: you are not saved as a group; you are saved alone and it is up to you—as an individual human being—to choose to accept and follow Christ. Unfortunately, christian grouping as in a church will not guarantee your salvation.

Like Christ, you need to relish the time you spend alone in prayer, making decisions about your eternity. Your salvation is not in your church; it is in your very hands—as an individual. 

May God bless you as you go through these hard times of “loneliness” and make you choose Him as your Lord and Savior, who holds the key to eternal life! In Christ’s name, Amen.

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