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Chossing your marriage partner is crucially important part of your life

Together we can reach the sky

I have wandered away from my precious garden. Little did I know somebody was going to weed my flowers. Look how far my garden has been uprooted! Even though it seems everything is destroyed, I will do my best to … Continue reading

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The Taste of Fake Love

Just like the winter is cold, the love of many has grown ice-cold. Where is Love? Oh heavens, I cannot even see the dove? Indifference, mercilessness and torture are rampant everywhere. People are thirsty for love; it’s nowhere. You cannot … Continue reading

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How to be Faithful to Your Spouse?

Once we determine to walk in the way of wisdom, we still need great caution because we will meet obstacles along that way (see 1 Pet. 5:8). Read Proverbs 5. What dangers must we guard against?   The first danger … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Marry Gentile Women?

If you’re considering getting married, then it’s a high time to think of the kind of woman that you should be married to. Advisedly, you should be married to a woman who would not ruin your life. Preferably, it would … Continue reading

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