Which is the True Church of God?

Jesus Is Our SaviourMany people do go to church. Yet, we need to know the true Church of God on earth. The true Church is based on God’s word alone, which is the foundation of our faith. And as far as the truth is concerned, Jesus came to earth to save us from sin, not in our sins. So, no longer are we to get back to sin. Jesus said “Go and sin no more” John 8:11. Then, this is the true Church “She is saved from sin into obeying God’s law–the law of liberty–the Ten Commandments.” These are the Characteristics of God’s people. Once saved, they “must keep the Commandments and have the Testimony of Jesus” Rev. 12:17. Yes, we are to preach about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in obedience to God’s complete Ten Commandments.

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